Honey Bee Nightmare

What Not To Do.
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Honey Harvest From Honey Bee Hives August 2013

This video shows or Honey Harvest for the 2013 season. We did a step by step video of our Honey Bee Hives from Standing in the Bee Yard to the end result. It is amazing what nature can produce….
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33 Responses to Honey Bee Nightmare

  • joe3072000 says:

    I took a colony of wild bees out of a house a few years back, no problem, i
    never handled them before, i got a hive and some frames and cut the celing
    cut down the comb, put it in frames and reassembled it as best i could, i
    tied the hive back up into the celing and came back that night and took
    them about four miles, it worked out fine. I got a few stings on my hands,
    through the gloves, but that was it. They were quiet bees, i would not
    advise anyone to do this, as it can go very wrong. they were so quiet that
    i could work on them without any protective clothing, a fewxyears later i
    met an aggressive hive, that was frightning.

  • Maya Miller says:

    Yuck I’m glad nobody is living in that house full of bee’s thousands of

  • Laura Lencioni says:

    Yikes! With that many dead bees I can only imaging it was a strong, healthy
    colony before it was sprayed. Such a shame so many beekeepers would love to
    give it a home, myself included. 

  • David Fernandes says:

    these guys need a big butt chewing….

  • Drew Mcdonald says:

    So do I understand this correctly? The bees were sprayed at the entrance at
    the top of the stairs, trying to escape the poison they chewed through the
    ceiling and all flew to daylight window, but having been poisoned already
    they died anyway?


  • Wolf Howl 56 says:

    This is so sad. Do people not realize that we need honey bees? They play an
    important part in our OWN survival! Not to mention they are so docile
    compared to the mean yellow jackets, wasps, & hornets who have no real
    purpose except to be a nuisance and sting for no reason.

  • CRF dane says:

    It makes me so mad to see that many dead bees :(

  • Raimundo Machado says:

    Really sad…

  • H S says:

    This is very sad and bad 🙁

    God send this as a gift to you and you deal with it like this.. 🙁


  • Jamie Loveday says:

    And just how were they contaminated? Whoever sprayed those bees with wasp
    killer is a fucking moron. Not sure where this is but every city in the
    United States has a beekeeper association all you had to do is call them I
    know that one of the beekeepers would have gladly taken this Beehive. Also
    it would have been for free and you would not have the dead bees in the
    complex you might want to do some research before you grab the wasp killer
    and just create a bigger mess all the way around.

  • dantheman1432 says:

    Typical human behaviour, destroy what you fear/don’t understand 🙁 

  • anne harb says:

    Wow,,, sad….

  • fresky74 says:

    OMG this is horrific! i hope you told them off for doing this.

  • Eric Chum says:

    Why don’t you vacume the bees!!

  • ploko uno says:

    wow, that’s sad..stupid people..

  • Melody Petlover1128 says:

    Where us the honey comb?

  • Mika Lee says:

    Now this is just a sad thing to see..

  • Mr Smith says:

    Yumm I really want a honey sandwich now 🙂 great video guys

  • Pashakitty says:

    O_o Did you take ALL of the honey? I have heard that you need to leave at
    least one or two of the levels worth or the bees will starve to death
    overwinter. If you took all of the honey, what did your bees eat this

  • Sheila6325 says:

    I’ve watched so many try to take care of bees, only to end up with nothing
    at all. Your hives did fantastic all the way! Beautiful honey too. Really
    enjoyed your bee videos. Thank you!

  • pickerick1 says:

    Chuck..LOL… I bet your way is 100 times easier than the way we did it!
    Thanks for watching my TN friend.. Rick

  • pickerick1 says:

    Thanks, We really enjoy our honey bee’s! Rick

  • athatcher85 says:

    thats awesome!!! i wish i had bees and all of that honey bro, it looked so
    good as you were scraping it into the bowl. someday, thanks for sharing my

  • Gardeninggirl1107 says:

    Yum! I love honey.

  • bintlooda says:


  • Hardcore gardener says:

    Nice I love honey. Bees too.

  • MutR says:

    i was more responding to your comment to robb. The bees in the video looked

  • dfishman76 says:

    Seen a video the other day a guy had a cloth bag he got from a bee supplier
    and he cleaned the frames out in it and then he twisted the bag to strain
    the honey out of the wax.

  • pickerick1 says:

    It is good..My wife told me it was the best she had ever tasted. I starting
    to think she may be biased a little. she said that about my tomatoes to!
    Thank you! Rick

  • pickerick1 says:

    Thanks OYR, It is a very rewarding and relaxing hobby. I enjoy the honey
    bee’s very much.. Thanks for watching! 🙂 Rick

  • Fensterfarm Greenhouse says:

    I just harvested 2 gallons of honey Rick. I harvested it from the Mennonite
    Store about 5 miles from us! lol Great job! Chuck

  • pickerick1 says:

    Rich it is amazing that 1 of every 3 bites of food were made by the Honey
    Bee through Pollination. Incredible! Thanks.. Rick

  • robb4570 says:

    It humors me to watch all these beekeepers with short sleeved t shirts and
    no veils “Rob” their hives…. I’ve told my wife several times “I would
    love to see them try that with my hives” It takes “STRONG” hives to survive
    the Appalachian winters here… The hive you robbed was very strong… Can
    you imagine trying that in shorts and a t shirt? Great Vid…


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