Getting started in beekeeping means we need to become familiar with the type of equipment used. Today, EAS certified master be…

13 Responses to Getting Started In Beekeeping: Equipment

  • Michael Tonn says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the kid playing with toilet parts?

  • Shawn. Smith says:

    So. Thank you for your video upload. I’m looking into possibly getting some
    honey bees. But with them dying and all am I going to have to buy new ones
    every year?

  • swampratman2000 says:

    great video!

  • CplPrimeaux says:

    I plan on catching a swarm and putting it into a bee hive I am building.

  • Strilletz1 says:

    Can you keep small poultry and bees relatively close together such as in a
    garden (roughly 25 by 10 metres) or will they provoke the bees? Just
    curious because I would like to keep bees but wondering if it’s possible to
    have both without one stressing the other?

  • ToyFarmer4x4 says:

    What kind of bees do you have i want to start beekeeping

  • Amber Jae says:

    Thank you very much for this video… I will have to buy some of those!

  • spockady says:

    great video. thankyou

  • Darth Belal says:

    Most likely the European honey bee is what you’ll end up with unless you
    live in the Southern U.S. on down through Mexico, then you COULD wind up
    with wild African bees. I’ve seen videos where people have made swarm traps
    for feral bee swarms, then transferred the bees to their hives, or they
    move a bee swarm into a box THEN to a bee hive. This is pretty cool stuff,
    I think I’ll try to capture a bee swarm and start a hive that way.

  • gardensby kasha says:

    Excellent video- you’re the first person to explain these components for

  • Rebecca Spratling says:

    Oh you freaking guys are awesome!! Thankyou so much for this wonderful
    information. I’m just a ignorant woman and I love to garden and have tons
    of veggies and flowers growing and love the bees that come around and feed
    and polinate. I was wanted to start a hive just to have some extras around
    to pollinate my veggies and this video was very informative. Thankyou so
    much God bless you!

  • Strilletz1 says:

    sorry feet not metres…

  • CplPrimeaux says:

    I want to capture a hive to start harvesting my own honey . Is there a real
    point to the queen excluder? I see that it goes between your honey super
    and brood area. I imagine thats because the queen will lay there and you
    dont want baby bees in your honey ?


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