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16 Responses to Bees And Beekeeping / Using the Rose Hive Method Part 1

  • Karen L. Fleming says:

    Love your house in the background; although, I thought at first glance it
    was cob. 

  • Ann Helen Normann says:

    Nice roof!

  • 170221dn says:

    Do you get slightly less swarming this way?

  • deezynar says:

    Is there a video on that house somewhere?

  • Robert Micu says:

    the dimensions of the hive frames

  • Stephen Stubbs says:

    Hi Tim, have a prime swarm in a commercial, using starter strips and
    foundation in the BB and just starter strips in a super, amazing how much
    they have built in just ten days, will be running rose hives too as my
    order finally came, have two cast swarms in them at the moment

  • Robert Viani says:

    Having all of the same frames size and hive body size is great.
    I will try this method with my deep hive bodies until I go to all mediums.
    Great video.


    Nice house and beautiful garden.

  • Carla Folts says:

    Dear Tim, You are living my dream life!!!! You are both amazing! – Carla

  • Brock Stanley says:

    Nice video, very well put together I think. I’ve really been debating on
    how to setup some new hives this spring and I think I just found the answer
    I was looking for. If I can remember I’ll have to post a video response of
    what my idea looks like later this summer. Thanks for posting!!

  • Germaine Smith says:

    What an enchanting home! Thanks for the great videos. Quick
    question…why 12 frames per super?

  • Karin P. says:

    I got your books today. Yahoo! I can not wait to start this spring. Hello
    from Boston USA

  • Matt Fulton says:

    Thanks for your video, I like your method of inserting boxes in between the
    existing brood. Thanks again.

  • 0pus0ne72 says:

    awesome house

  • BeeFreindlyApiary says:

    I am a treatment free beekeeper here in Maryland USA…I have been using
    all deep supers for all my hives. Each colony goes to as many as 6 deeps
    each. I add 1 deep as needed

  • Jeff Jones says:

    Holy Cow, did you realize there are weeds growing on your roof? just
    kidding, look cool


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