The mites continue to plague bee keepers and Terry lost 60% of his bee’s last July, the replacements arrived from New Zealand . This is Terry farm Terry’s Ho…

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  • Wameedh Shkara says:

    great video .. but is there any lure bait in the nuc box ? it can be useful
    .. and using the the water jet motor for spraying some sweeten water can be
    useful too because its make the swarm heavy and calming the swarm and make
    it more compact some thing like a ball to avoid the unnecessary random
    flying over around the area some of these bees may be turning back to there
    original hive ..thank you 

  • Victor Fursov says:

    Thank you for interesting Vido about beekeeping, beekeepers and honey bees
    in CANADA and NEW ZEALAND! Good luck beekeeping! 🙂 Spring greetings from
    beekeepers in UKRAINE! :)

  • MrHappymanMusic says:

    Nice, oh and I am first one to comment. Video still isn’t Full HD 😀

  • ProPaleo says:

    amazing eh!?

  • ThisnThatPackRat says:

    That jacked-up hat and veil of his…

  • jazzyjames1990 says:

    60%!!!!! thats crazy. My bees have mites and I had no hives die over the
    winter. Newzeland has not had mites very long and has a much warmer climate
    then canada. Thats why I think you have problems. If you bought local or
    even north american queens I think you would be able to get by with minimal

  • edbapemo says:


  • trond18 says:

    60% winter loss, wow. Thats only happened because the hives weren’t treated
    enough for mites in the fall-time before.

  • what to the why says:

    3:53 haha


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