BackYardHive New DVD: Alternative Beekeeping Using the Top Bar Hive and The Bee Guardian Methods

This is an excerpt from the full length (85 minute) DVD at Alternative Beekeeping Using the Top Bar Hive and The Bee Guardian Met…

13 Responses to BackYardHive New DVD: Alternative Beekeeping Using the Top Bar Hive and The Bee Guardian Methods

  • TheBaconWizard says:

    It seems strange to me that this video advocates top-bar hives as a means
    of being a more natural and “in-tune with nature” bee-guardians method vs
    bee-keeping. Because bees naturally prefer to build their hives vertically
    as well as horizontally, with honey at the top and brood cells at the
    bottom. Therefore sure a taller hive with separate combs for honey and
    brood (if you intend to harvest any honey, otherwise don’t bother) is the
    best way to let them expand naturally?

  • angelo dettori says:

    Le pareti sono sbagliate, devono avere un’inclinazione di 30° in modo che
    le api non abbiano la necessità di attaccare i favi

  • bmcclure0561dad says:

    No, U.S. Government has banned eating of “Dark” honey as being racist hate
    eating. You have to eat only white “Honkey” honey. Make sure you say and do
    everything with politically correct speech, you dont want to piss off the

  • 1stBumbleBeeMaster says:

    Companies will tell you weedkillers are harmless. But in fact they poison
    the environment insects,bees butterflies etc that all depend on wild
    plants. It also poisons you, your children and your pets. It also leaks
    into ground water and poisons that too. Buy a tub of weedkiller from your
    supermarket, take it to the manufacturer and ask them to drink it if it is
    so harmless, see what they say? Of course they wont drink it because they
    know its a poison chemical.

  • Cheguebuddha says:

    Is there a way to buy this video as a digital download? I would love to see
    it 🙂

  • SoMDBeekeeper says:

    Someone needs to produce a DVD on Warre hive beekeeping.

  • BeeGuardian says:

    We do not have the DVD as a digital download. But you buy the DVD at
    backyardhive thanks!

  • prohomevideos says:

    How do I move a hive from one location in my yard to another. I do not have
    a bee suit.

  • rlavender21 says:

    Maybe this was explained in the movie and I missed it? But, how is the Top
    bar hive better than standard hives most beekeepers use? I mean is it
    better for the Bee or the beekeeper and how so?

  • MsChannigan says:

    Beautifully done!

  • CousinsCutie Phung says:

    Are you allow to eat the dark ones or whatever?

  • olivia tirado says:

    were could i buy 1

  • Michael Ellestad says:

    For a 6 minute excerpt that was wonderful and enjoyed watching. I got done
    today prepping a top bar hive just gotta remove a colony thats exposed to
    the elements. I’m subscribing to your channel.


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