The first super is drawn out, time to add a second honey super. Monica and Erin lend a hand. Season 1: Episode 13.

15 Responses to Backyard Beekeeping Part 13(S1:E13): Second Super

  • Matthew Sokolowski says:

    First off just want to say I really enjoy your videos! You do a really
    great job explaining everything! I’m hoping to start a hive next year. I
    was just wondering how your hives did with the “polar vortex” this winter?
    When temperatures get that low did you see a big die off in your hives?
    Anything special you did to help them survive?

  • l7lll says:

    Have been enthralled with beekeeping videos for about a week now. You have
    the best looking boxes of all…

  • alan spurlock says:

    nice to see your kids interested! i want to do stuff like this with my kids
    as they get older too.

  • Sarah Valero says:

    They keep honey in the brood area too and like to keep in a basket ball
    shape also sometimes they dont like plastic inserts in the wood frames or
    plastic all together frames and will avoid it all together and move on to
    other frames the like better

  • drtisbeter says:

    wow, incredible creatures! great series!

  • chappy726 says:

    Tip I saw in another Youtube beekeeping video was not to lay the frames on
    the ground as the Queen might be inadvertently missed and then be lost into
    the grass. They used a small wire rack to hold the frame while other
    frames were being extracted. Just a thought. Great vids!!!

  • says:

    Backyard Beekeeping Part 13: Second Super. Notice he is always wearing Bee

  • Backyard Beekeeping says:

    @easein Thanks!

  • GunNutAmendmentII says:

    were do the bee’s go during honey harvest? (since you have to take the
    cells out for harvest)

  • a10fuelfxr says:

    Actually this is a good time to requeen. It would be better to buy a mated
    one than let them try to raise one this late in the season. I just received
    one from a queen breeder in Iowa last week.

  • Backyard Beekeeping says:

    @benboarder09 Yes! Next inspection when I check the new super but
    unfortunately no Erin & Monica, they went back to school.

  • Charles Huffman says:

    Where’s part 14?!

  • Backyard Beekeeping says:

    @TRSemmens I’m glad you liked the videos. Have fun with your beekeeping
    adventure, I’m really enjoying mine!

  • Backyard Beekeeping says:

    I’m glad they were helpful. It’s also very helpful to me when more
    experienced bee keepers point out my errors … and yes I’ll never shake
    them like that again!

  • rraiderqb10 says:

    how much does the supplies cost and where do u suggest buying it


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