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bee keeping

Make sure that you take all of these things into consideration so that you will end up getting the very best bee keeping equipment. These things will pave your way to become a successful honey supplier in the near future. Thus, start searching today and keep it sweet.

According bee farmers, bee keeping is easy and makes more than 200 percent profit for all its operations. Farmers wonder why this lucrative business is neglected by the government, and it could create a good country foreign exchange in return for the honey products.

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bee keeping

One can imagine that if people in African were trained in the bee keeping business Africa could target the whole world in supplying honey products. If farmers were given capital to start the business it would be extremely good. The bee keeping business is cheap to start. You only need a beehive and a harvesting jacket. There is a market readily available within the country and internationally.

HOW TO light a long lasting bee smoker quickly and easily in only minutes, that will smolder for hours. An essential skill for anyone starting out in the bee…

Honey contains up to 85% sugar. A good quality honey should contain about 19% water. It is ever in demand and it a good way to earn oneself some cash. Honey has properties for treating burns and wounds effectively. It has lived long for this purpose in traditional African society. Bees collect propolis from plants; this is a bee product with high medicinal value. It is used as antibacterial, anti fungal, and anti-viral, according to the National Bee Keeping Station, Annual report: 2003

Although more pushed for time now that we are ‘busy as bees’ with our B&B (oh dear!!) we still love our bees and our guests love the honey, but although bee keeping is engaging and informative and the honey is delicious there are yet more pressing reasons why you should keep bees.

Bee keeping dates back to the 13th century BC when it was practiced by ancient Egyptians. Once it was introduced by John Harbison to the United States, it became more modernized with updated techniques and became the main profession and financial sustenance for beekeepers.

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Setting up of national and county honey farmers board is a way of reaching and exploiting the market. Every family can start a bee keeping activity as an income generating activity. Bee keeping wastes no time but it does require some patience. Once you set up your bee keeping business, you are done. You only wait then to harvest and your income flows as long as you live. It is just an amazing self investing business.

Beekeeping is an ideal income generating activity for groups such as women groups, youth, and church members, Clubs engage in bee farming to earn income. To start out, it does not require land or larger spaces. One can even hang a beehive on a tree and he or she can still harvest honey and process honey products.
Bee keeping for the purpose of honey production dates back to 700 BC.

If you want to enjoy the full benefits of bee keeping is essential to evaluate, learn and hear new ideas on an ongoing basis. However, taking advice and suggestions with caution, a process or method that works for one beekeeper may not necessarily be successful for another.

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