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The end of 2007, the state has been successively implemented in three installments of the different batches of intense

Appliances to the countryside

Policy, the 2008 and 2009 the domestic refrigerator industry’s growth. The State also made clear in May have refrigerator and updating of the next three goals to start the “

Projects that benefit the energy-saving products

“” Appliances TM “policy has started a pilot area 9, and also during the two sessions were used household appliances recycling focus, to further expand domestic demand, benefiting the people, the development of circular economy.



Is the focus of national policy cover categories, following the March Suning more than 60 medium and small cities across the country to subsidize the activities carried out and updating, its recent announcement, this week launched a nationwide “green trees” program, in response to the call of national policy promote energy conservation, and preservation of the popularity of the refrigerator.

“Trees” program starts, Suning in 2009 will achieve 1.8 million refrigerators and updating

According to the National Bureau of Statistics data showed the community to maintain our country about 130 million refrigerators, and washing machines by about 1.7 million units, these appliances are mostly in the late 20th century into the average family. As a general

Washing Machine

8 years, refrigerator and washing machine drum safe useful life of 10 years, most of these appliances are safe to use after a number of years. Over-age use of refrigerators, washing machines, not only the preservation of performance can not meet consumer demand, the general power consumption will exceed the original 40% increase in intangible household spending and, more importantly, because the formation of an unnecessary


Waste, indirectly causing more carbon dioxide being discharged into the atmosphere, contribute to “greenhouse effect” of global warming. Reporter learned from Suning side, Suning will take the annual festival started in 2009 the National refrigerator “trees” program. Countries implement a series of policy measures to expand domestic demand to promote not only economic, but also because the Chinese

Environmental protection

Advance the cause.

Suning Appliance refrigerator, washing machine general manager Liu Peng said that with an ordinary household refrigerator, for example, assume that electricity is 7.94 degrees a week, every week of the resulting carbon emissions to 5.89 kg, produced a year carbon emissions as 306.28 kg. Suning and factories to advance, “Su Ning in 2009,” trees “plan” to implement, and strive to achieve the country this year, 1.8 million refrigerators in updating upgrade, through the upgrading of energy saving refrigerator, you can use the power reduced by 50% to 70%, each 215 kg per year of carbon dioxide can be reduced, if the refrigerator to achieve 1.8 million energy-saving and updating of upgrades that will reduce the 387 million kilograms of carbon dioxide. If a tree absorbs carbon dioxide a year as 1825 kg, which can reduce emissions to the atmosphere, the growth needs of 23,000 trees a year for 50 years of age to complete absorption of carbon dioxide, if included in the growth cycle and survival rate, the need for new planting 100,000 tree seedlings can be achieved.

Suning committed to updating to achieve energy conservation, another sense is to reduce the burden on the environment. Through the cooperation with upstream suppliers, Suning wish to allow all Chinese households have access to energy-saving refrigerator fresh.

Updating the refrigerator electricity subsidies, Suning pushing universal energy-saving refrigerators

Liu Peng said in an interview, energy-efficient household appliances will be the development trend of home appliances, home appliances, as national distribution companies, Suning Appliance and obligation to promote the popularization of Chinese energy-saving appliances.

Benefits for energy-saving refrigerators, refrigerator Beijing Suning a store


Staff told us that in the course of daily use should pay attention to the skills of small, but also make the refrigerator more power. Refrigerator should be placed in ventilation, avoid sun, dry place and away from the stereo, television, microwave ovens and other heat sources; display refrigerator, both sides should normally be reserved for 5-10cm, above 30cm, 10cm rear space, to help the refrigerator heat; minimizing the frequency and duration of the refrigerator door; hot food cool in the refrigerator; box storage capacity of about 80%, not too close; the production of ice and cold should be arranged in the evening; for large pieces of food, according to family one-time use for separate packaging, take out an amount of time; laid out store fruits and vegetables; the frozen food out from the freezer, may be defrosted first, into the freezer before eating.

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