I have recently gotten into beginning beekeeping but I needed to know how to start beekeeping. I’ve searched for various information sources where to start or for eBooks online and this package is filled with all the information anyone could ever need as a beginner beekeeper. I got done reading the book and felt very well informed ready to go and start my beekeeping, but then I forgot there was a whole second book that was included! I felt happy and almost overwhelmed, as I didn’t know what else there could possibly be else to learn about beekeeping but there sure was more! It just goes to show you when you think there couldn’t be more to learn about something there always is more.

Anyways I got done reading both the books in around 3-4 days and started my beekeeping the day after, now I have fresh honey every day and it tastes great! If you’ve never had homemade honey you’re in for a treat! Comparing homemade honey to store bought honey is almost laughable. I’ve browsed through various books and none are really up to the level these two books are. Either information is left out or you are just plain confused on some topics. I was never left confused on anything when reading these books. Now I am even starting to sell some extra honey I am making on the side. I can turn my newly found beekeeping hobby into a profit which is always a plus!

For being a beginner beekeeping book this has surely covered a lot of areas, and has shown me how easy it is to actually accomplish becoming a beekeeper and keep up with taking care of them. If you are even slightly interested in becoming a beekeeper I highly recommend you read Learning Your First Lessons in Beekeeping http://bit.ly/dJo3ys


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