Birth and death are the two aspect of life and we all move between these two unknowns. A birth means live as a unique new character on earth and on the other side death means just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back with a new character. We always labour against our own cure and the death is the cure of all the diseases.
After all every person in this whole world have to die. Women as compare to men commit suicide over the broken heart love affairs. There are more dead people in the world and their numbers are increasing day by day and the living is getting rarer. Dying is like coming to the end of a long novel or book that contains some happy movement and also some sad, challenging and funny movement. In some few seconds all the happy movement come to an end and nothing left. This Moment comes as a the dark shadow that no one wants that it comes in his life but one day every human have to go through this aspect of life because death doesn’t bargain. Do not fears of Death just live happily in your way?
Sad life quotes
It is the emotional feeling which is found in almost every human being. Emotional condition of pain and the feelings of despair, loss, helplessness and sorrows. No matter how hardly we work on our happiness some things are always there in life that make us sad and unhappy. Sadness teaches us humbleness which is positive feature of life. No matter how much sad we are, the feeling of sadness is temporary and it will no longer remain in someone life. Just enjoy your life even when you feel sad because from every movement we experience and gain something good in our life.
In Life also many times we go through the sorrow movement and every time when these movements convert to happy movement we experience something from life. We can use sad life quotes in a very positive way because the positivity lift us up and increase happiness in life. But always remember that sadness and sorrows are always the integral part of everyone’s life.
The main point i want to say that if you feel sad and having no option just read our sad life quotes and you will get the answers of your entire problem.


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