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bee keeping

Ken got interested in bees last year. His first step was to go to some introductory classes arranged by his local bee keeping association in Shropshire in the UK.He has built his own hives from kits and started his own colonies.It is considered ‘bad luck’ to pay for a queen to start a colony so he was given one by his bee class teacher.image credit sallemange If you would like to use this image it would really be appreciated if you could credit Sallemange and link back to this lens

If you want to enjoy the full benefits of bee keeping is essential to evaluate, learn and hear new ideas on an ongoing basis. However, taking advice and suggestions with caution, a process or method that works for one beekeeper may not necessarily be successful for another.

Are you looking into the bee keeping hobby craze? The allure of this hobby is that it is challenging, exciting, and even a little dangerous all at the same time. There are those going in with the intention of gaining a bit of pocket money, while others just really love working in the outdoors. Either way, those who see that golden jar of honey all know that real success starts with a reliable bee keeping for beginners guide.


bee keeping

Kids love to learn abut bee keeping. Under the right supervision it is a safe and fascinating hobby that promotes learning about all aspects of life from nature, ecology, woodwork, farming, and even sales and marketing! There are special Kids Sized Bee Keeper Suits too

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image credit sallemange If you would like to use this image it would really be appreciated if you could credit Sallemange and link back to this lensScottish Bee Keepers Association Ulster Bee Keepers Association Shropshire Bee Keepers Association Welsh Bee Keepers Association Bee Keeping Association of the ACT Australia National Bee Keepers Association of New Zealand The Canadian Honey Council Ontario Bee Keepers Assocation

Reversing the decline in the honey bee population has resulted in keen interest in bee keeping being shown by urban dwellers. This BBC short article on urban bee keeping explains more.London UK has its own urban bee keepers association The video below is of novice urban bee keepers in America.Please note urban beekeeping might be illegal in your area.

Your bee keeping for beginners list most definitely needs to include a smoker. The smoker is used to calm the bees and keeps them from going into a tizzy when you approach them. Smoke relaxes and soothes their temperament making them much less likely to sting. While some may think it sinister or cruel, it has a tranquilizing effect and really does no damage – especially when you use organic substances to create your smoke. Natural fibers like burlap will insure the air is not hazardous and the honey remains pure.

The art of beekeeping appeared in ancient China for a long time and hardly traceable to its origin. In the book “Golden Rules of Business Success” written by Fan Li (or Tao Zhu Gong) during the Spring and Autumn Period there are some parts mentioning the art of beekeeping and the importance of the quality of the wooden box for bee keeping that can affect the quality of its honey.

Main Question:
Beekeeping with cats and dogs?

Best Answer: by Jeanette, HiveTasks

A fence around the hive is a pretty good idea. Just remember to leave about a yard (or metre) space between the hive entrance and the fence because the hive entrance will be guarded more than the sides or back of the hive.


As for the height of the fence? A low fence about 36 inches (45 cm) tall is more than adequate to serve as a visual barrier to the animals. You do not want the fence too high. Inquisitive pets who jump the fence need to be able to retreat without hinderance if stung.


Choose a non aggressive bee species for your first hive. That will help both you and your pets adjust to the new colony of neighbours.


If you are really worried, you could set up the fence around an empty hive and place an electronic buzzer inside that mimicks the droning buzz of bees. The cat and dog could then investigate the hive without danger for a couple of weeks. When they get bored and accustomed to the hive noises then introduce live bees. If you are really keen you could link the electronic buzzer to a small solar panel so that it only makes noise during the day (to mimick the increased bee activity during daylight hours).


Our dogs had no fence around the bee hive and were only stung two or three times always by individual bees. The bees never swarmed our pets and our pets gave the hive a wide berth.

Main Question:
Would many small bee keeping operations help the dwindling bee population?

Best Answer: by oikoσ

Certainly. CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) is most prevalent among the bees that are trucked to pollinate crops. Perhaps it is the stress that they are subjected to, perhaps the pesticides, perhaps GMO plants, perhaps all or none of these. Presumably the small hives would be under less stress and the bees would thrive, even reproducing enough that some of the population would split off to form new colonies. Wild colonies, BTW, seem to be least affected by CCD.

Main Question:
Beekeeping Business and Taxes?

Best Answer: by spicertax

Since honey is considered a product raised by farming use Schedule F. Same treatment for state income taxes. Property tax on your property should not change unless there are lower rates for farm property is your area.

Beekeeping For Beginners
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Beekeeping For Beginners

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