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We spent 24 hours straight in Georgia Tech’s Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons. Yellow Jackets converge for everything from labs to lectures — or simply for a caffeine boost with friends….

You know, since I lost my hive last season I’m a little nervous about making mistakes this season. The packages were installed and left alone for a few days. Hopefully they have settled in…
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Jamie from Golden Acres gives a quick preview of his newest bee site. It was a perfect new years day to go down there and harvest some honey. All up this harvest brought in approx 550kg which…
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Beekeeping involves keeping beehives and making sure that these (and the bees) are kept in top condition. Keeping bees and collecting honey is no easy task; a person can suffer from bee stings from time to time, especially if he/she is not wearing protective clothing. There are many kinds of beehives, but basically these serve to house the bees and their young, and also provide storage space for the nectar gathered by the bees.

For those who are interested in becoming a beekeeper, they can take beekeeping lessons online or buy books about beekeeping. One can even solicit the advice of a professional beekeeper that lives nearby. Some online beekeeping lessons are done through a series of videos while others have all the information lined up on a series of web pages.

Taking beekeeping lessons ensures that one takes care of the bees properly. Knowing the right kind of bees can help a person choose the right honey bees to take care of. Some bees can carry diseases or can be rather aggressive, which can affect the quality of the honey produced. Beekeeping also requires specific equipment such as a honey extractor, and knowing the proper equipment to buy can be learned through beekeeping lessons.

All lessons on beekeeping start at the beginning: choosing the right bees, hive, and protective gear. The most important protective gear any beekeeper can have is the beekeeper’s hat. The hat prevents any bees from stinging any part of the face or head. On rare occasions some bees might even attempt to enter a person’s nostril. One can buy the hat first before getting the rest of the protective gear. Shirts with long sleeves, rubber gloves, and long pants can substitute for a bee suit.

The next lessons tackle the honey bees, how to harvest the honey, and how to take care of the hive. Aside from getting beekeeping lessons online, one can get a copy of the entire lesson plan, so that he/she knows what they would need to learn about next.

Beekeeping is a rewarding experience. Not only do beekeepers get to have a fresh supply of honey, but they are also helping the environment. Honey bees help in pollination, which in turn helps in the growth of one-third of all food that is produced.

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